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Welcome to Our Home on the Web!

Page down and check us out; perhaps we share similar interests. Our text is "link friendly," connected to sites we especially enjoy. We hope to update at least monthly, with material a little livelier than this intro!

As for us, we live just northwest of Atlanta; our mutual interests include science fiction, science fiction conventions, watching dog obedience and agility competitions, the literate and entertaining Babylon 5 and Remember WENN, James Burke's Connections and The Day The Universe Changed, the classic BBC series The Good Life (aka Good Neighbors), Whose Line is It Anyway? (both versions), almost anything broadcast on the History Channel, Food Network's Good Eats and Unwrapped, HBO's magnificent From the Earth to the Moon, the original Star Trek, the best television game show ever, Jeopardy, and travel (when fiscally possible!). We are peripherally involved with the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company, have become senselessly addicted to our Motorola Androids and and collecting DVDs, and have yet to figure out where the time all goes...

Stats About Linda

Biographical Stuff
Of Italian descent, she was born in Cranston, RI; moved to Georgia in 1984, where she met her husband; she gratefully owes her involvement in SF fandom to Mary Bloemker. She loves old time radio, proudly sports a "World's No. 1 Lassie Fan" button, and is a budgie lover. Favorite foods include dark chocolate, chicken caccitore, chicken soup with rice, wine biscuits, and of course Del's Lemonade and coffee milk (the RI State Drink). Her favorite city is Boston and she remains forever loyal to the World Book Encyclopedia and Hood's Milk.
How She "Earns Her Bread"
Purchasing Agent at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Her Interests
Reading (selected science fiction/fantasy, mysteries, classic children's books, media nonfiction, Christmas customs and history); creating web pages; desktop publishing, counted cross stitch; collecting collie figures, classic children's books, and St. Nicholas magazines; doing "crosspatch" puzzles; reading and writing fan fiction (currently Remember WENN fanfic); attending SF cons; visiting historical museums (favorite periods of history are Victorian-Edwardian America and England, and homefront World War II)
          Some fanfiction links for those interested:
          • Babylon 5 (Alternate Universe Today)
          • The X Files (The Gossamer Project)
          • Fanfiction.net
Favorite Author(s)
Madeleine L'Engle, James Thurber, Gladys Taber
Favorite Musician/Musical Group
Rupert Holmes, George Winston, John Denver, Big Band music
Favorite Magazines
Best of British, Reminisce, Country Living (British edition), Yankee
Favorite Movies
See "My Favorite Movies"
Guys She Thinks are Really Cool!
Sam Neill, Jerry Doyle, Kevin O'Rourke, Anthony Stewart Head, Nathan Fillion
Favorite TV Series (Present)
House, Castle
Favorite TV Series (Past)
Remember WENN, Alistair Cooke's America, Blake's 7, Brooklyn Bridge, Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ellery Queen, Emergency Vets, Faraday and Company, Flambards, Get Smart, Lassie, My World and Welcome to It, NYPD Blue, Our World, Quantum Leap, Star Blazers, Star Trek (classic), The Waltons, Voyagers!, Monk
(Visit the one and only Ask the Manager fan site.)
Other TV She Likes
Doctor Who, Torchwood, The American Experience, Rick Steves' Europe, BBC America's Waking the Dead, and Animal Planet's Animal Precinct and Animal Cops


Stats About James

Biographical Stuff
An "Air Force brat," he was born in Tokyo, Japan and has also lived in Hawaii, exas, and Alabama, but eventually his family settled in Warner Robins, GA. His greatest dream, to become an aviator, was precluded by nearsightedness; his interest in aviation and the space program continues in his plastic modelling and model rocketry hobbies and he'd still like to have a pilot's license. He spent four years in the U.S. Navy as a naval aerographer (weather forecaster). A dog lover and recent budgie convert, he also enjoys cooking; his specialties include stir-fry chicken and beef.
How He "Earns His Bread"
IBM Server Systems technical support agent for CCI, Inc.
His Interests
Reading (science fiction, aviation/military/naval/space program fiction and nonfiction); plastic modeling (chiefly aircraft, spacecraft, and model rockets) also other military machines (a modeling link page); launching low-power model rockets; target shooting; attending SF cons; visiting aviation museums
Favorite Authors
Robert A. Heinlein, Tom Clancy, P. J. O'Rourke, David Weber (Honor Harrington books), Eric Flint, John Ringo, John Scalzi
Favorite Musician/Musical Group
The Moody Blues, Jethro Tull, Steeleye Span
Favorite Magazines
Scale Aircraft Modelling, Sport Rocketry, Backwoods Home, Cook's Illustrated, Launch, Armchair General
Favorite Movies
Strategic Air Command, The Battle of Britain, A Christmas Story, The Blues Brothers, Star Wars trilogy, Evil Roy Slade
Ladies He Thinks are Really Cool!
Alyson Hannigan, Lea Thompson, Elisabeth Shue, Claudia Christian
Favorite TV Series (Present)
Mythbusters, House, Castle, Best Defense
Favorite TV Series (Past)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 12 O'Clock High, George of the Jungle, Remember WENN, NYPD Blue, Our World, Quark, Space: 1999, Space: Above and Beyond, Star Blazers, Star Trek (classic), U.F.O., Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Wings (Discovery Channel series), Junkyard Wars, Futurama, Conquest, Mail Call, Dogfights
Other TV He Likes
Survivorman, Animal Precinct, Animal Cops, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Foyle's War

Check our Photo Page (.jpg images).

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They Who Really Run the Household <g>

Willow, our Pomeranian mix, was rescued from the Cobb County Animal Shelter in May 1998. We know only her approximate age, so have designated March 17, 1998, as a good birthdate. Her heritage is fuzzy, like her mostly brown coat <g>, but from the tufts of hair over her eyes and around her mouth, plus her behavior, we're pretty sure she's part terrier, probably Cairn, maybe Jack Russell, Norfolk, or Border; she also has a mostly white left foreleg, three white toes, and a white blaze down her neck and chest. She fetches and eviscerates her stuffed monkey (the one named after the director of programming at AMC), and loves to chew and romp almost as much as she loves her daddy. Judging from her early performances when left alone, she was in training to sing Mimi in La Boheme; she still yowls if a door gets between you and her (cat ancestry? <g>). And, yes, she is named after Alyson Hannigan's character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Visit Willow's Web Page (with photos)

Schuyler is our budgerigar; she is our first hen. Just in case the pet shop was wrong, Linda picked a gender-neutral name; we can say she's named after Earl Hamner's hometown, or "Sky" King, or Schuyler Grant (Diana Barry in Anne of Green Gables and sequels), or even Schuyler "Skye" Aubrey. She is mostly white with black stripes, a white spot on the back of her head, and blue draped like a scarf around her shoulders and blue "knickers." Even though she has been with us a year, she still steadily resists any efforts to tame her—we call her our "wild child"; strangely enough, however, she is a good traveler, begs for goodies like mandarin oranges and oatmeal, loves attention, is desperate to play with the cell phone, and is comfortable enough here to launch scolding tirades from a high perch and bang around the St. Francis medal fastened to the bottom of the cage. And thank heaven, she likes the Zupreem fruit pellets.
Visit Schuyler's Web Page (with photos)

You can still visit Pigwidgeon's Web Page (with photos) and Bandit's Web Page (with photos)

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